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2023 Congressional Cup Invitees!


Mackenzie Bronk -Md
Emma Carr-Co
Courtney Detwiler -PA
Morgan Dixon -Can
Sarah Doherty-Can

Sapphire Flach-Can
Erienne Hay-Oh
Savannah Helton-Urbassik -Pa
Josephine Kespohl- Mo
Brooke Mauro-Can
Ella McDaniel-NH

Darla Kern-Can
Mary Iris Moore-Va
Jessica Morlan -Ga
Mary Nell Moseley-Ga
Mikayla Schuller-Oh
Kaycee Schultz -Md
Ivoire Shelton-Va

Danielle Skinner-Can
Julee Stewart-Can
Sydney Ward-Can
Gracie Williams-SC
Carissa Wolfe-OH


Byron Anderson-Co
Austin Arellanes-Ca
Bower Sarra-Pa

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The 2023 Congressional Cup Brochure is Now available!
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2022 Congressional Cup Tournament Champions 
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